Monday, September 1, 2014

Europassion opens!

Good evening Europe!

Europassion opens officially right now. Welcome!

I set up this blog on May 3rd, 2014 to bring latest news from Eurovision World. I'm Mustafa Fidan who is founder of Europassion and I became editor on a few websites about Eurovision Song Contest and now I've decided to create mine. I called it "Europassion" as it's like a passion for me since 2003, when my country Turkey won the contest. The blog looks a little bit simple but it doesn't matter for me. It doesn't need to be complicated. Some asked me why I decided to publish in English and Spanish. We work internationally, not nationally. This is the reason why I did like this. We are the first blog to publish in Spanish and English in Turkey. I just wanted to bring an innovation to Eurovision World. As of today, you will know what happens in Eurovision World lately from our team. Well, who are we? And I proudly present the team to you:

Mustafa Fidan from Turkey (English-Spanish) - Chief Editor
Karoliina Rautava from Finland (English) - Editor
Onur Kara from Turkey (English-Spanish) - Editor
Luis Angel Perez Ruiz from Colombia (Spanish) - Editor
Ersan Yılmaz from Turkey (English)- Editor
Yasin Tarlacı (English) - Editor

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